Stay Here, or Wanna Move?

It was good when you stood alone, feel the "chi" flew up from the ground through your feet, until your head. When a long silence ensued, and still closing your eyes tightly, as there's something wrong happened. Sometimes, it feels like moron when you're doing passively things, have fun with everything no sense, enjoy all of your suck-abundant-free-time-that-was-almost-annoying. Whenever you read a booklet or judging or whatever, they alwast bothered you which is like this, "I am proper to have all of this, but in the other hand, the fact is, I'm not deserve although that was the one I desire". Presumably it could happened because you're not in a normal situation, that was force you until you said, "Oh no, I surrender, this is the time to break it up". Have you ever feel it, dude?

In deep within you, I'm absotively you have. Have that moment like me. Have the same feeling like me. Have the secret that you don't want the others to know--hanky panky, like me, too. A big question, how we can solve it? Focus on solution, not the problem, even you're on procrastinating? Often, the others used to knock, tring to fallin your effort, laughing everytime with their scorn and hope you get needle. But be calm guys, please be rilex, just doing kiss, altough the problem perhaps almost complicated. Ignore what they've said to you, pretend to be 'an oblivion' though you fear, you mad, you frustated. Sometimes become ignorance is regardful, especially used in this situation.

Let me help you to use a little bit imagination. Now, you're on a circle, a very big circle. Tell me about the circle is so comfort. See the surround of us, is they are, the people who always judging you. Some in front of you, there is everything. "The everything that you want". Practice the Keep It Simple and Short, and trying to stepping, one by one, slowly but steady, to make sure you are in the outside of that circle. If you're in doubt, remember about "your everything that you want". Let's move, let's move, let's move! Go out from that circle! You could, you should, you proper to have it all! You could be more than just amazing!

Please give me a time to close this stretch-write with some quotes:

"The one that most riskful is not to take that risk -- Hal yang paling berisiko adalah tidak mengambil risiko itu sendiri"

"Success is almost on the edge of your efforts -- Kesuksesan seringkali berada di ujung batas akhir usahamu"

**One day, there's time you'll have to said with their people: " I got over you"

source : pinterest

Let me show you the words that rarely in your dictionary, hope it works:

chi                : (mandarin), the energy
moron           : stupid, idiot
kiss                : keep it simple and short
hanky panky : something a little sneaky, hal yang ditutup-tutupi
absotively     : absolutely positively
knock            : criticize, mengkritik
needle           : iritate, marah

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  1. salut banget sama bahasa inggrismu, bisa sante2 baca sambil belajar bahasa inggris hehe...
    oya, folbek blogku ya, aku bikin review tentang buku kroyokanku, dibaca ya, kalo suka silahkan dibeli ^^

    1. Makasih ya kak ma.. Aku udah baca postingannya yg tentang terbitin buku. Btw, congrats! Semoga laris manis :D
      Sudah difollow, folback ya :)

  2. waahhhhh bahasa inggrisnya udah lancar banget, selancar bahasa ibu :O
    nice post kak :)

    1. Saya masih belajar kok :) Terimakasih juga sudah follow ya kak

  3. Balasan
    1. Terimakasih, saya yg jelas masih amatiran kok :) Yuk coba nulis pake bahasa inggris :D

  4. Saya nggak bisa bacanya @_@
    Casciscus ber ahihihihi ria saja @_@

    Get up,
    dress up,
    show up,
    never give up.

    Then grow up :)

    1. Iya quotes nya memang bagus, saya ambil dari pinterest :)