Just Posted An Article

It has been so long since vocational, writing in English. Heaven knows how many sentence are spooky, but I don’t care. Whether it is true or false, there’s too much other meanings could be explore if I try to stretch it. Uhm there’s some that I would like to say, I mean, I would like to write:

One. I dissapointed.
Who makes you dissapointed? No one.
So, what? You don’t know if you don’t experience
Why? C’mon, go on! Ehm, okay. I don’t wanna be a loser ye know. For some reasons, I can make a promise. Especially a promise to my self. But, don’t you know? I almost forgot (or forgottable?), ignore it, even broke it up. It is happened in all of my “unimportant” conditions such as amma wrote to post the article in English 2 weeks again (re : 2 months ago). Maybe I’ve got my scatty.

Two. My office got crushed and still 20 days to alive and I can’t fix it. So what should I do?
Three. I must try to reach my best result on final exam. I kid it not. Just bring your A-game, sweety!
Four. I just met up w/ awhole ‘nother person. Sometimes familiarity breeds contempt, and I don’t wanna be like that, absotively. I always related to this “bad news”, and feeling so sad. Hopefully, I wish I could brush up on from my many booboo that I’ve took.

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